The Bachelorette ends not with a bang but a whimper

A weak season of Ten’s The Bachelorette ended in a weak finale.

The Bachelorette’s Elly and Becky Miles (Image: Ten)The last night of The Bachelorette. After Gogglebox ended last week, The Blondettes was the only local program left besides The Block (which is heading towards the end). It has become as common as a network public service announcement. The winners’ announcements had 754,000 national viewers, the lead up 651,000. Hardly moved and certainly nothing to boast about. A weak series. Friday night is worse — Nine repeats that hoary old fav, Twister, made in 1996. Saturday is worse — Netflix, Stan, etc etc etc.

There was some hangover from the US elections and that was best illustrated by the rarest of events: News Breakfast was the most-watched breakfast program in the metro markets for the first time ever — topping Sunrise and leaving Nine’s Today in its dust. That will change in coming weeks, but it does show when there’s a big news story, Nine no longer has the credibility of old. At night ABC News topped the ratings for the digital channels for the second night in a row with more viewers than Sky News.

In breakfast Sunrise led with 500,000 national and 308,000 metro viewers (the highest for some weeks); ABC News Breakfast averaged 451,000 and 310,000, and Today was third with 365,000 and 258,000.

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