Whatever the result, the clear losers are progressives and democracy

The right’s attempt to derail the US election is the final manifestation of the Donald Trump era. And there’s little the left can do.

Trump supporters attend a protest named ‘Stop the Biden steal’ (Image: EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich)Well it’s all gone mmm yeah, still. Despite President Donald Trump’s Thursday evening (US time) pre-emptive press conference doubling down on claims of a rigged election, Joe Biden is on track for a narrow victory, after the polls shifted in the two days of post-election day counting. Smilin’ Joe has picked up up Wisconsin and Michigan, with Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania in the balance.

The Trump campaign isn’t giving up, sending phalanxes of lawyers to every state in contention to effectively argue the same point in each: that irregular mail-in ballots are being treated as regular and ratified, and that the Democrats are manufacturing new ballots.

Trump’s rhetoric has evolved into a full scale assault on the very fabric of democracy. His list of grievances, all presented without evidence, is growing by the hour, fuelling the chaos in the streets. His targets include the media (as ever), the polls (“suppression polls”) and “secret” hands at work to steal his victory.

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Guy Rundle is correspondent-at-large for Crikey. He’s a former editor of Arena Magazine and contributes to a variety of publications in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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